I have been a Plumber for the best part of 35 years and during that time I have installed thousands of metres of blue brute pipe and fittings. The Plumbing industry agrees it is a great product, fast, simple and gets the job done.
As a plumber I have always hated the idea of installing it, every joint must be correctly bevelled which can take an experienced plumber 5 to 15 minutes, and longer if an apprentice is given the job.
It is slow, messy and the process generally requires a grinder. Most plumbers have a habit of taking off the grinder guard, which then becomes an illegal practice and is extremely dangerous.

The task carries a significant risk of harm when using a grinder!

Grinding-The Hazardous Past

About two years ago I was sitting in a trench, it had just rained, it was muddy and cold, with more Blue Brute cuts and joints to do than I really wanted to think about; and I thought F%$# me there has to be a better way; well now there is.

Introducing the Patented Brute Beveller

Say goodbye to grinders and files.
What would you say to a tool that will bevel 100mm and 150mm pipe in 25 seconds or less?
Faster, easier, cleaner and most importantly safer with no need for grinders!

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