Case Study

Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) Installation into an existing water main

After locating, excavating and exposing the existing water main (Blue Brute) pipe, the section of pipe is removed ready to install the 2 x 100mm washout bends.

Case Study Pressure Limiting Valve

Traditional method of bevelling Blue Brute and other similar pipe

This would normally involve the use of a grinder to bevel the 100mm blue brute for installation of the wash out bends.
This job is always at the bottom of a trench and takes 2 men up to 10 minutes or more in some cases to bevel each side, making it a total of 30 minutes to install the 2 wash out bends.

2 men x 30min @ $75.00/hour = a cost of $75.00

Brute Beveller achieves a better result, safer and quicker

Using the Brute Beveller in the bottom of the trench is safer and a quicker option. It reduces bevelling time to under 20 seconds each side allowing the 100mm washout bends to be installed in under 11 minutes for 2 men.

2 men x 11 min @ 75.00/hour = a cost of $27.50

Saving is $47.50 per joint

Brute Beveller achieves proven cost savings

The cost of the 100mm Brute Beveller tool is $160.00 GST inclusive, this means the cost will be recouped within 4 joints and will earn $47.50 additional income for every joint thereafter.